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Christopher AveMusic can soothe, energize, encourage. A plaintive melody underscores a mournful tale; a triumphant score helps lift the viewer to redemption. Used carelessly, however, music can turn pathos into bathos. When we try to manipulate our audience, we often end up driving them away. Christopher Ave understands how to craft music that underscores your message, whether it is creative, journalistic or commercial in nature. Here are some short samples of Christopher's music and links to currently available projects for which he provided music.

To hear Christopher's original power pop confections, visit the Pop/Rock Music page.

Christopher Ave Music for Media

Mad Designers

Here's a promotional video done in 60's-era animation style by Brian Williamson to promote the Society of News Design’s 2011 conference in St. Louis. Brian asked me to produce a piece of music for the video, and I tried to come up with a Mad Men-esque sound to suit the visual style. Q&A on making of Mad Designers

Copy Editor's Lament (The Layoff Song)

I wrote Copy Editor's Lament (The Layoff Song) to comment on the newpaper industry's woes, to celebrate copy editors and to recognize that the entire media world is in flux. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon

 Zoo Story

A multimedia project written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tom French. I decided to give each of his main "characters" — all of them animals — its own musical theme.
Zoo Story Web site

Gimme The Truth (The Politifact Song)

The website wanted to create a music video to promote the site, which "fact-checks" politicians. But they didn't have a song to build the video around. I wrote and arranged the song, deciding that the bottom line theme should be "Gimme The Truth."


I composed and recorded this piece of music, "Water," to accompany journalist Tim Barker's photographs of his travels.

 Pinellas Beach
Guide song

The website created a local "beach guide." I wrote and recorded a Beach Boys-style tune about some local places. I recorded it very quickly with a bit of help from a friend. Apologies to Brian Wilson.
Beach Guide Web site


The St. Petersburg Times' investigation cast doubt on the verdict in an 18-year-old murder case. I produced a theme with a bit of mystery and noir.
Doubt Web site

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